Your single point of contact for the complete digital foundation of your company.

Who are we?

At Conrex, we help both starting entrepreneurs and established companies to form a seamless whole in the digital structure of their business. We do this by being one central point of contact for all services a company needs to be digitally strong:

In short: all services, one point of contact. Throughout the entire process, we closely monitor your progress and assist you where necessary with a dedicated support team.

Why choose CONREX?

Our core valus

24/7 Support

If you have any questions or problems, you can always contact our dedicated customer support team. Thanks to a smart selection menu, you will immediately get connected with the right person and not lose any valuable time.


You know where you stand, from beginning to end. Each choice is thoroughly argued and legibly articulated. Transparency is central to every service so that you are always aware of everything and understand everything.

Cost effectiveness

By applying maximum cost-efficiency technologies, Conrex delivers the services you need at the best price. One provider, one invoice for your complete digital start.

Personal approach

Every client enjoys a highly personal approach, regardless of the size of the company. Upon completion of the work, we provide you with an adapted training to get to know your products and follow your progress closely for 6 months.


Thanks to the extensive range of different products and services, Conrex strives to be one single point of contact for the complete digital foundation of your company.


Through constant innovation and the implementation of state of the art technologies, Conrex strives to understand and fulfill the customer's wishes even better in order to become an industry trailblazer.